Small businesses are thriving in Canada, even those without a huge marketing budget, thanks to free online marketing and advertising tools that cost little to nothing. One key strategy to their success is taking advantage of free listings like those offered by free online business directory Canada sites. These sites accept free directory listing for any type of business. Business directories are one area of online marketing that is often overlooked, but with the widespread use of mobile apps, business directories are starting to become an essential, if not critical part of any online marketing strategy.


Why it is important for a small business to get listed ?

Online directories are incredible resources that can do so much for small and start-up businesses. And when a business name is included on locally targeted free online business directory Canada sites, the chances of getting clients will be greater. Here are some of the reasons why a listed business has more advantage:

  • Getting listed will place the business on the map. It will help people and the internet become aware that the business exists
  • The website of a listed business will have improved SEO rankings, more traffic and links to the site
  • The business can get included in driving directories and maps so people who access mobile apps will become aware of its existence and may even drop by to visit
  • People can make online reviews about the products and services

Having an updated website is very crucial for every small or start-up business before getting it listed on any free online business directory Canada site. Some items to check include contact numbers, website URLs, contact persons and the price list of products and services. A website that has long been inactive will only look unprofessional and lazy to potential clients. It will also bring less traffic to the site, further lessening its online visibility.

Target marketing

Some business owners tend to focus the global aspect of online marketing, meaning they put out online advertising campaigns without localizing the settings to target their local market. Marketing experts do not recommend this approach for local businesses. Targeted advertising is very important, particularly in free online business directory Canada listings, because majority of the clients will be locals seeking products or services within their vicinity. This means getting the business listed in all possible local business directories.

According to a 2009 study by Network Advertising Initiative, targeted advertising is more effective in converting site visitors into actual clients. The tendency of the clients to choose local businesses can be attributed to many things including proximity of the business, cheaper costs and a sense of connection and security as they feel more compelled to trust people within their locality.

Where to start

The first step is to use or identify what free online business directory Canada sites in the area are appropriate for listing the business details. Popular website reviewers posts a September 2013 blog article listing down the top 19 free local directories in Canada. The list includes Bing Canada, Google Canada, Yelp Canada, Foursquare Canada, Yellow Pages Canada and several other directory sites that are all free of charge. Simply sign up for an account and provide the necessary information and account settings.

Take advantage of Free Online Business Directory Canada

Another strategy is to Google your business name and review the search results. Others find it quite surprising that their business names are already pre-listed in some directories, but with inaccurate information. Business owners can ‘claim’ this local directory listing by updating the logged information such as the complete business name, contact numbers, office location, email address and website URL. Some more sophisticated free online business directory Canada listings will allow posting of photos, coupons, company logo and customer reviews.

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