Every year, almost a hundred new businesses open up in Canada to serve the different needs of the people. From restaurants and retail shops, to health care providers and advertising companies, there are so many local businesses being set up by both budding and successful entrepreneurs. The challenge now is how to make all these businesses visible to the consumers, and the answer is through reliable and free Canadian business directory.

 Local Free Canadian Business Directory

A free Canadian business directory like 5in serves two main purposes. The first is for consumers, so that they can find the right business for their needs, and the second is for business owners, so that they can promote their business and their products to the consumers. These directories offer convenience and value-added services that make looking through the thousands of businesses in Canada an easy task.

If you have no idea where to start looking for a free Canadian business directory, here is a list of some of the most used directories that you can find online for free.

Google Canada

Not many people know that they can register their businesses with Google, but the leading search engine is a great place to get your business to be recognized. This special tool enables local businesses to have their very own Google+ page where they can post profiles and updates to keep the consumers informed. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Google Canada allows local establishments to register their businesses online and to upload photos and videos to make their profiles more appealing.

Customer ratings are also made available so that wandering consumers know more about the service quality of the establishment. While not your typical free Canadian business directory, Google Canada serves more as an advertisement tool for budding businesses who wish to make their presence in the country felt.


Listed among the one hundred most visited websites in Canada, 5in Canada is another free Canadian business directory that connects consumers to businesses and vice versa. What makes 5in a successful international brand of business listing is the fact that it features straightforward and necessary information about the businesses. Most especially, 5in is known as a reliable review and recommendation website. Customers provide personal insights on their experiences with the different businesses listed. They also rank establishments from 1 to 5 stars, making it easy to see how satisfied they were.


Checking in with FourSquare? This app not only allows its users to post where they are, but it also allows them to post their comments and tips on what the place is like. While mostly dealing with establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers, FourSquare still features over thousands of local Canada businesses.

Business owners will find that they can easily register with this free Canadian business directory, and even if they don’t, consumers can also do the task for them. Users simply post the name of the establishment that they check in at, automatically registering the business and its location. Once included in the database, the establishment becomes easily searchable for other users as well.

Canada One

A more traditional business directory is also made available through Canada One. Recognized as one of the most trusted local business directories, Canada One specially caters to small Canadian businesses that wish to battle it out with the bigger names in the industry. From modest start-ups and home-based businesses to well-established companies, Canada One provides information on over 20,000 verified Canadian businesses.

This free Canadian business directory assists local businesses not only by featuring their establishments for free, but also by providing helpful articles on business tips and advice. Canada One also provides the latest updates on registered businesses, making sure that entrepreneurs and consumers alike are kept up-to-date with current information.


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