There are a lot of online business directories out there that only give spam links back to your websites. Sure, this may mean a whole lot of backlinks, but this can also be your downfall with search engines. An unreliable link that doesn’t have anything to do with your website can actually remove you from the top results from search engines.

Hence, it is very important to look for a trustworthy Canadian Tamil Business Directory. There can be a lot of advantages to listing your site to an online business directory but you have to find a reliable online directory in order to actually enjoy these benefits.

Features of Canadian Tamil Business Directory

So, here are some of the features you have to look for in a Canadian Tamil Business Directory:

  1. Minimal Charges

Online business directories only come with minimal costs because you are there to advertise your site. There are also other sites that are free of charge. If you want to get more out of a Canadian Tamil Business Directory, make sure to choose one that is within your budget. The key here is not the fact that it should be free but the fact that the benefits should outweigh the cost.

  1. User Friendly

Always try and find a site that can be used by any type of user. Make sure that even a beginner can go through the directory without problems. This will ensure that your listing in an online directory can actually be used by target customers.

  1. Categories

The Canadian Tamil Business Directory of your choosing must be able to categorize your website in every search it is related to. It is very important to have a site that can be easily found. So, make sure that the online directory you will be using can list sites alphabetically, chronologically (based on year started) and many more.

Once you’ve found the right site for you, here are some things you should never forget to include in your online directory:

  1. Layout

Make sure to provide a layout that is organized and beautiful to look at. Even if you have great content, if users can’t easily navigate through your site, they will surely never come back to your site again.

  1. Contact Details

You want potential clients to be able to contact you in your Canadian Tamil Business Directory. So, be sure to include contact details on your listing. Some sites can even give you the option to choose how you want to be contacted – either by phone, email or mobile. This will make it easier for both you and the customers to interact.

  1. Description

Don’t forget to provide a description for your site. Make sure that this description can entice target customers to contact you for your products and services. This is also a good place where you can include your promotional guarantees and any other information you may want your consumers to know.

  1. Map

You could also include a map in your listing to help your customers locate your store. Without a location map, a simple address could do. But if you want to give your customers the least amount of worry in finding you, it would be a good idea to provide one.

  1. Feedback

Most websites generally don’t want to list a feedback space for their sites. But if you are serious about wanting to benefit your customer, a feedback section is necessary to know what features you need to work on and what features are doing what they are supposed to.

  1. Content

Make sure that your content is grammatically correct because readers go to your site for information. If the information you provide in your Canadian Tamil Business Directory is written poorly, no one will ever go back to your site again.

In summary, it is a good idea to list your website on an online directory as long as you optimize its use by providing the necessary information that potential clients are looking for.


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