If you want to make money from your website, you are going to need traffic. The more people that visit your site, the higher the traffic you get and the more income you’ll be able to pocket out of it. So, if you are serious about your website, you should list it on top online directories in order to attract more visitors.

Top Canadian Directories

If you are in Canada, you have to list your site to these Canadian directories to accomplish your goal of attracting visitors:

  1. Google Canada

This is ranked as the most visited site among Canadian directories. Based on studies, around 75 percent of Canadian residents visit this site. If you want to list your website on this page, you can easily do so by signing up.

In order to get your target visitors, all you have to do is change the Site Settings under your Webmaster Tool. Once you’ve clicked Site Settings, you can then click the tick box and choose Canada using the drop down menu. Then, you can just as easily create your Google+ page for more features.

  1. Bing Canada

This site ranks 17th on the list of sites that is widely visited in Canada, with a score of 56.1. Hence, it is also a good idea to choose this as one of the Canadian directories you can list your site on.

Bing includes HERE Prime Places (previously Nokia Prime Places) as well as Yahoo. So, even if Yahoo doesn’t necessarily allow local settings, Bing can actually do that for you.

If you want to locally list your site on Bing, you should first visit their site and then look for the link that can allow you to change your listing by using Nokia (HERE) Prime Place.

Once you clicked that link, you can then enter all your business information. Be sure to do this accurately, especially when you input your NAP information (name, address and of course, phone number). If your information does not tally with your real information, your listing will be useless. Once done with your information, you can then input your name on the postcard, or the name of anyone managing your account. You can then verify your account by clicking the link that will be sent to your email. Once verified, you are then listed on one of the most visited Canadian directories.

  1. 5in.ca

This site holds the 89th place in terms of the most visited sites in the country. Based on studies, whenever a person visits a business listed on 5in for the first time, that person spends around $100 on the average. This is because the site allows users to recommend and provide feedback on all listed businesses. Unlike other Canadian directories, users can actually add more information on 5in like photos and users can also track the activity on their pages.

  1. FourSquare Canada

This is one of the great Canadian directories you can actually have on the go. FourSquare has a check-in app that can help you find information about local businesses. So, you can actually get information on a business based on the feedback provided by those who have previously visited that particular business.

  1. HotAd.ca

This site holds the 10th place among the most visited sites in the country. It is a sort of classified ads site where local businesses can list their site for exposure. You can post your ads for free, but you can also opt to use paid postings for greater exposure.

  1. YellowPages Canada

As the 83rd most visited site in the country, it can provide high traffic to any business. It also has a mobile app for easier access of local listings.

These are just some of the most visited Canadian directories in the country, if you get your site listed on any of these sites, you are sure to increase your traffic.


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