Finding information on Canadian business can be helpful on many levels. A consumer can search for the proper business corporation who will be able to meet his needs, while a striving business owner can look for possible business partners and associates. Market research is also an area where a Canadian business directory database can be most helpful.

Browsing By Categories

Database searches are made easy by browsing through categories features. A Canadian business directory database can contain information on over a million Canadian businesses, making all that information difficult to handle. Luckily, a directory database let anyone have access to all this information on a much organized manner. One of the easiest categories to browse by is the industry classification. A researcher can find information based on the type of industry they are looking for. For example, a directory database will hold information on Canadian companies dealing with electronic components, software, food processor technologies, natural health products, and many more. Instead of looking through all businesses in the industry, one can simply select the type of business category they are searching for to receive more valid results.

Canadian Business Directory Database

Other categories to search by would be through company name, product description, date of registration or update, sales volumes, and company territory or address. This searching feature makes Canadian business directory database a very good resource for anyone interested in the business.

Free and Paid Canadian Business Directories

It is fairly easy to look for a Canadian business directory database; however, it may not be so easy to find one that is readily available for use. Search results brought by online research will yield both free and paid results. Free versions of Canadian business database are often available through limited means. Some databases only allow a limited number of users at a specific time. Others could be available, but may not yield much needed information other than the basic company name, address, and contact details.

A paid Canadian business directory database may be more appropriate if the desired results are to be much more in-depth. Scott’s Directories, for example, is a business and industrial online directory that provides Canadian business contact information for a membership fee. The paid service can be quite worth it as all listings in the directory are verified and come with in-depth profile information. The website offers an easy-to-use platform that is concise and direct to the point. There is also a customer service feature that is available to answer any of their members’ concerns.

Government Database

A Canadian business directory database like can be provided by private individuals or institutions, but there is also the official database provided by the Canadian government. Available online, the Canadian company directories allow buyers and sellers to meet through the information that is provided. Much like other databases, searching by categories is provided, with the categories being revised in order to keep with current technologies. The database provider is open to category suggestions should any user find the system to be outdated.

Company verification is also ensured as this official database holds information on legally registered businesses. The government’s official Canadian business directory database also allows current businesses to update their information, making it more reliable than other sources.

Aside from business searches and updates, the official government database is also an area where businesses may be registered. Links are provided for searching, updating, and registering Canadian businesses. By registering a business, business owners can increase their visibility to the consumers. They can also receive opportunities from both private and public entities that are searching through the database. Registration is free and allows businesses to exhibit their products and services online.




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