Are you starting your own business in Canada? Do you want to be self-employed? Take note of the Canada directory as it may help you establish your own small business.

Have a break and take a look at some of these fun and interesting facts about business in Canada.


Quebec has the PADAT or Programme d’appui au développement des attraits touristiques. Its government put much emphasis on tourism that this program subsidizes 60% of your business cost in case your business helps attract tourists or you are engaged in the tourism industry. You can also get a $150,000 to $2 million financial assistance from the government of Quebec, depending on the scope of your business.

Unfortunately, gaming, accommodation, restaurant and retail businesses are not covered by this program.

You can find all sorts and kinds of business in the Canada directory, including those covered by the Quebec PADAT program. The Canada directory also contains information about business and financial company demographics which may be helpful in case you are looking to tie up your own business with another company.

Canadians are Business Minded People

40% of Canadians want to engage in business

Moreover, there are lots of women engaged in business; more than 1 million women are self-employed, higher than any other country. Furthermore, a recent study conducted by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or CIBC has shown that female-led businesses survive much longer compared to male-led companies, even though 70% of new businesses are initiated by males.

According to Statistics Canada, self-employed people work 5 hours longer than office-based employees. Moreover, 30% of those self-employed work at least 50 hours a week. It is somehow an irony since people are usually self-employed to have more time for themselves and for their family. However, it is not the case for some self-employed people in Canada as shown by the aforementioned numbers.

Canada Directory for Small Businesses

Small businesses are essential in maintaining the economy of Canada. According to Industry Canada, a “small business” comprises of 5-100 employees most of them are listed in Canada directory database.

Canada is home to more than 1 million small businesses and in 2013, about 2.7 million Canadian citizens declared that they are self-employed.

Small businesses produce more than 100,000 jobs annually; 50% of the workforce in Canada are found in small businesses and they actually account for 24% of Canada’s exports, which is essential in maintaining healthy trade relationships with other countries. Furthermore, about 48% of the workforce in the private sector are employed in small businesses, accounting for approximately 5.5 million jobs in Canada.

They are also responsible for 30% (51% in 2013) of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP, which is important for a healthy economy.

130,000 small businesses are established each year in Canada. However, only 35% of them survive after five years.

According to CIBC, many (around 80% to be more specific) of the new business owners want to start their own venture not because they cannot find a job but because they want to.

If you want to start your own small business, you may want to look for a law firm. You must first arm yourself with knowledge of Canada business laws before starting up your own business. You can find many of them in the Canada directory.


Canada is a first world country, at least according to its Gross National Income or GNI. Hence, it is really ideal to establish a business in Canada. Its government can provide lots of incentives, tax deductions and tax credits to its entrepreneurs. The PADAT of Quebec is just one of those. Read Canada laws or contact a tax law expert to know more about these business incentives offered by the government of Canada.

You may also find other fun and interesting business facts in the Canada directory since it is home to business and financial institutions.

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