The internet is a constantly changing world. The features that make a good website 20 years ago are no longer at par with what consumers are now currently looking for.

Advantages of Canada Business Directory

In order to provide relative information on your business listings, it is not enough to be listed on a Canada Business Directory. A business listing should be optimized for greater search result rankings and exposure.

Here are some tips to optimize your listing:

  1. The More, the Merrier

If you search for Canada Business Directory in Google, you can see the many sites you can list to. In this case, it is a good idea to list your website on more than one Canada Business Directory. Even if it is actually better to list on more directories, please take note of a website’s reputation before doing so. There are a lot of spam directories that provide useless backlinks that have nothing to do with your site. If you list on spam directories, your Google ranking can be negatively affected.

  1. Complete Business Title

Be sure to include your business title on your listing on a Canada Business Directory. This will help search engines find your website. But be sure to be consistent in all your listings in order for search engines to gather all your data sources.

If your business title is “Artelle Computers” in one listing and “Artelle Computer Station” in another listing, Google may erroneously see these listings as separate entities instead of just one.

To optimize your business title, remember these tips:

  1. Use your company’s real trade name. Again, if your real business store front is “Artelle Computer Station”, make sure to use this title in your business listing on every Canada Business Directory you want to be listed on.
  2. Include a simple description of your store that can help your target consumers to understand what your business is about.
  3. Never put taglines or any phone number on your business title listing.

Given the three tips above, a good example of a business title with a description for Artelle Computer Station that is located downtown would be “Artelle Computer Station Downtown” or “Downtown Artelle Computer Station”. Don’t use a business title like “Artelle Computers” or “Artelle’s Affordable Computers”.

  1. Optimize Your Domain Name

Search engines have turned local over the past 2 years. So, you should optimize your domain name. It would be a good idea to include your geographical information to improve local rankings. For example, instead of a domain name like “” you can opt to use a more specific domain name like “” if your business is located in Tulsa. The latter example will provide a more effective means to garner high search result rankings.

  1. High Quality Picture

Be sure to include a good picture on your Canada Business Directory listing. Some websites opt not to include a picture on their listing but this can backfire because customers usually want to know more about your business. The only way you can provide them with this necessary detail is by providing a photo of a logo for businesses or a personal photo if you offer professional services.

  1. Referrals

You can also list down referrals by using links or citations. Citations include sites or blogs where your business was mentioned. You can include links to citations to your listing to prove to target customers that people are satisfied with your services. Google actually checks citations from reputable websites in their search engine ranking of results.

  1. Up to Date

Above all things, if you already have previous listings, make sure to always keep them updated for your consumers. If your listings are not up to date, your target consumers will not be enticed to visit your business.

Again, if you want a listing that can earn you profits, be sure to provide relevant information. Always update your listings in order to address your potential consumers’ needs.




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