Nowadays one of the best ways of driving more customers to your business is taking advantage of proper online tools. For doing so you should improve your knowlege about Canada Business Directory Free services. Online business directories are useful, effective and necessary tools for your business to thrive.

Having a listing or a profile in an online directory is basic, but most businesses forego this opportunity because owners don’t see its value. An obvious benefit of a directory listing is having more exposure for your business. More listings mean more places online where people can encounter your business. More exposure is great especially if the listing or directory use is in Canada Business Directory Free.

Features of Canada Business Directory Free Websites

Directory listings like are also search engine optimized. They rank high in Google, Yahoo or Bing when people search for certain keywords and items. If your business website ranks low, having a listing in a directory that ranks high for your keywords can help your business become more visible and can increase the traffic going to your website.


Writing Quality Business Listings


Having a profile or a listing in any business directory including Canada Business Directory Free is great, but what sets your business apart from other copycat businesses that offer a similar product or service? A complete, quality listing can differentiate your business from the competition and can get you noticed by potential customers. Here are some useful tips in writing a great listing:


  • Know your target audience. This is basic, but some owners and entrepreneurs don’t know their target audience. Your audience affects how you will write your listing and what keywords you will use to reach them. It is important to include how your business benefits your target audience to convince them to choose you.


  • Go all out in differentiating your business. Your listing in Canada Business Directory Free should include all your business qualifications and certifications. You can mention your years of experience in an industry or your expertise in a field. It is also good to highlight awards or citations that your business has received over the years. All of these pieces of information can set you apart and can convince potential customers to choose your business over a competitor’s.


  • Include a call to action in your listing. A call to action is not just applicable to advertisements or sales talks. It is also appropriate for listings in Canada Business Directory Free. A call to action is necessary to get your target audience to act – whether it is to visit a website, to like a Facebook page, or to join an online promotion. It makes customers do what you want them to do.


  • Maximize directory features. Although directories like Canada Business Directory Free do not entail cost, they still have special features that can enhance a business listing. Some directories let you include events, articles, videos, testimonials and presentations. It is important to use them to create great content that makes your business look more credible and top notch.


  • Double check your business details. Have another pair of eyes to review your listing. Typographical errors are an eye sore and can easily turn off potential customers. Be sure that your links work and that your contact details are correct.


In essence, having a listing in an online business directory is an easy and must-do activity for entrepreneurs and business owners. Your business listing should be complete and should effectively differentiate your business from the competition. To stand out, it is important to highlight your business’ strengths – years of experience, expertise, qualifications, certifications or awards.


Listings also have the power to lead potential customers to your website or social media page. Having a call to action is necessary to make your customers act in a way that will benefit your business. The listing’s content is also important. It should be error-free and should make your business look more credible.

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