Business directory listings are fast becoming a necessity in local SEO these days, and more local businesses in Canada are jumping on the bandwagon. And why not? Registering your business name on local Canada business directories is a very cheap, yet effective way to boost online visibility and gain clients.

The rise of mobile apps and smart phones has made it necessary for local businesses to focus their online advertising strategy on location-based mobile apps. With 56% of the Canadian population already using smart phones, the chances of getting a client through Canada business directories is higher.

Top 5 Free Canada Business Directories

Businesses who do online marketing understand that online yellow pages and local citation sites are where the Canadian buyers delve into these days. Registering your local business in Canada business directories can help ensure higher local SEO rankings. However, it is important to choose top-quality directory sites for a more effective online visibility campaign. That being said, here’s a listing of the top 5 most recommended free local business directories in Canada.

  1. Google Places for Canada

Who can go wrong with Google? This is ranked on top of the list of the most visited sites in Canada, according to The best thing about it? It is free! Simply sign up at Google My Business and get included in Google search engines and maps. The registration process is easy, but one important detail that should not be forgotten is to go to the site setting and set the geographic target to Canada.

  1. Bing Canada

This is also Yahoo and Nokia Prime Places, powered by Bing. Local listings are now processed by Bing for Yahoo because Microsoft Corp. now holds Yahoo search for both Canada and the U.S. So do not get confused as to why Yahoo, one of the most powerful search engines, is not included in this list of top Canada business directories. It is in fact included, but just working through Bing. Additionally, take note that Bing Canada does not accept direct directory submissions. When registering your business directory, you will need to go to HERE Prime Places where all directory submission are accepted.

  1. 5in Canada

5in is one of the most visited directory sites in Canada. Its main purpose is to help connect consumers to local businesses. More than just a business directory, it features reviews and recommendations that help people become smarter consumers. 5in also allows public or private communication between customers and business owners.

  1. FourSquare Canada

One of the most popular check-in mobile apps, FourSquare offers a local search and discovery service. Users can check-in to a place they visited and write recommendations which can be shared in social networking sites. A business must first be registered in FourSquare before users can check-in to it.


One of the most popular free classified ads or Canada business directories in Canada is HotAd. In fact, it is rated as the 10th most visited site in Canada by WooRank. It is actually a subsidiary of the very popular online selling site eBay. It allows free business advertising to promote a specific service or product. The ads can also be deleted any time. HotAd is also very popular in Canada’s social media.


Registering in these top Canada business directories is essential to rank local businesses, but directory listing should not be limited to these giant sites. Registering in niche directories, no matter how small or start-up it may seem, will help achieve a stronger online presence. It is essential though to keep track of login details and passwords. This will make for a more efficient action if the business details and contact information need to be updated in the future.

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