To get ahead in your life, it is essential that you know the possible jobs you can get in the field that you are interested.

For you to know the best potential employment prospects related to your interests, you can scour labor markets. Labor markets, such as a business directory in Canada, is a place wherein employers and employees meet — not physically, but through job ads.

These job ads contain the details of the work or position that the employer needs to fill in with a potential employee. Aside from that, you might even see the amount of money the lucky employee will have as a salary might be also posted in the ads in business directory in Canada.

Having a better grasp of the condition of the labor market in a business directory in Canada will provide you with sufficient knowledge on which companies and industries are expected to experience massive or even little growth. Knowing those aspects can help you make an informed decision and save you from wasting your resources and time in a company that will only make your career — and you — suffer.

How to Take Advantage of Business Directory in Canada

Of course, you need to know some specific aspects before you go and apply in the companies that have piqued your interests. You might already know them, but this article will still provide them to serve as a checklist when you look at a labor market in a business directory in Canada.

  • Prospective salary
  • Average wage according to region, industry, or field of expertise
  • Industries with high new employee demands
  • Events that can affect the economy and industries
  • Industry growth rate
  • Industry growth outlook
  • Different statuses of industries per region or country

As of now, Canada is doing well when it comes to employment rate. Even if the country has suffered three recessions in the past 35 years, its employment rate is going strong with a score of 61.8% according to statistics in 2012, which is evident in labor markets in a business directory in Canada.

In addition, employment outlook is getting better for Canadian women. With the recent changes in Canada, the employment rate of women in the country has experienced significant changes for the past 35 years. However, the employment rate of men has declined in conjunction with this situation. Nevertheless, employment rate of men is still going strong with 65.8% compared to women’s employment rate with 57.9%.

Stable job opportunities are apparent for people aged 25 to 44 years old. If you are around at that age range, you have the privilege to become picky when choosing an employer from a business directory in Canada. Of course, do not abuse it too much.

In case that you have a disability, do not let it hinder you from being employed. For the past few years, the employment rate of disabled people is slowly rising. Meanwhile, the situation for job opportunities for immigrants has seen stability.

So far, Canadians do not need to worry with the permanence of their jobs. Almost half of the working populace have permanent jobs. On the other hand, 7% or more of working people in Canada are have temporary employment.

Alternatively, statistics regarding full-time employment has not experienced any drops or rises. Half of the working populace is made up of full-time employees. However, the past few years have seen a significant rise of part-time workers.

From 7.1% around three decades ago, the part-time employment rate is now around 11.6%. Most part-timers are aged 15 to 24 years old. People of this age range comprise half of the part time workers in Canada.

Three decades ago, only 20% of part-time workers were around that age range, which can be considered as a good sign. However, according to data, more than 25% of these part-timers want to be full-time employees. Multiple reasons have prevented them to become full-timers. And usually, the primary cause is their employer’s preference and budget.


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