Canadian business directories are valuable in marketing your small business. If you’re not using them yet, it’s about time to benefit from these directories. Here are five (5) big benefits you can’t afford to miss.


Advantages of Using Canadian Business Directories:


Earn More Promotional Mileage


Create your listing in Canadian business directories like and you’ll earn more promotional mileage. People who search on the web will be able to access your listing and see your business.With business directories, you don’t limit your audience. While the target is the Canadian market, those who are in other countries may also search through the directories. This provides your small business not only local exposure, but also international exposure.


Know that people are now relying on online business directories for their quick searches. Therefore, your potential customers have greater chances of finding you through your listing in these directories.


Increase Your Income


Your listing in the Canadian business directories enables you to increase your income. Through the exposure you gain from your listing, you get to reach more of your potential customers.


The people who search using online business directories are highly targeted. They already have pre-need for the products or services that you offer. It’s just a matter of finding your business and confirming that your offer is what they are looking for to satisfy their needs.


Thus, in creating your listing in these directories, see to it that you include all relevant information. The information must be concise, yet it answers what customers may want to know about your business.


Improve Your SERP Ranking

Canadian business directories


Another big benefit of listing your small business in Canadian business directories is that it improves your SERP (search engine results page) ranking. In search engine optimization (SEO), link is important. Quality links are what you benefit from listing in Canada’s business directories.


Here are some tips:


  • See to it that you add your website link in your listing.


  • Avoid paying for your listing. Explore the best free business directories in Canada for this purpose.


  • Write compelling and unique content. Cover all essential information your customers may want to know about your business.


Expand Your Market


Canadian business directories empower you to expand your market. Roughly, 90% of the Canadian homes have access to the internet, including remote areas.   Interestingly, the majority of the household has more than one (1) computer to access the web.


Therefore, if you are targeting consumers in the remote areas, the best way to do it is through your directory listing. It gives you 24/7 visibility on the web and it captures online users that rely on directory listings to find what they need. Thus, you’ll be able to reach more of your target customers.


Add Authority and Credibility to Your Website


With a carefully crafted listing in Canadian business directories, your website earns more authority and credibility. It makes your website more legitimate in the eyes of online users. In addition, your website gets to enjoy the built-in authority and credibility of these online business directories.


When consumers search through the engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the websites that appear in the usual search results page has minimal difference. They contain the link and the short description.


With business directories, information is unique and it gives the searchers the impression that the business is professional and authoritative. Thus, people with pre-need tend to use directories more to look for their solutions.


To get the most benefits from using directories, it is important to choose well. Create your listing in quality business directories, especially those with high SERP ranking. With these five (5) big benefits to gain, how can you pass up in using Canadian business directories? 

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